Who will use the facility?

The respite care facility will provide short-term (maximum of 2 weeks) professional residential care for people aged 18 to 60 years suffering from a terminal or chronic illness.

The facility will support carers in Queanbeyan Palerang Region.

In most cases the residents utilising the facility will be at the chronic or recovery phase and require low to medium care support.

The chronic phase refers to the period of time when people are adjusting to their terminal diagnosis. They may or may not be receiving treatment during this stage, but requires the need of a carer.

The recovery phase does not mean people are actually recovering from the disease and heading towards wellness. It refers to an emotional recovery, whether or not you are in remission and requires the need of a carer.

The facility does not cater for people in the terminal phase. These people at this point require palliative care support such as a hospice.