Privacy Policy



Respite Care for QBN Incorporated collects personal information, such as names, email addresses and phone numbers so that we may:

  • Respond to your enquiries
  • Keep you informed of upcoming events and the latest new of our campaign to secure a respite care facility for Queanbeyan.

This information is collected:

  • Via your completion of the “Show your Support” section of our website pages.
  • Your contact with us by telephone, mail, at a meeting or fund-raising events, or electronic mail or online enquiries.
  • By your donation on our website through our Merchant collection facilitator.

Any information you provide via these means will be retained and used only for our services to you.  Respite Care will not use, sell, rent, share or disclose any information about you.

You can at any time ask us for access to information we hold about you, or request not to receive further information, by emailing Respite Care for QBN Incorporated at respiteqbn@iinet.net.au or completing the “Contact” tab on the website.