Our Objectives

  1. To build a 6-bedroom respite care facility for the local Community of Queanbeyan and its surrounding region.
  2. To provide short-term residential accommodation for people between the ages of 18 to 60 years who are suffering from a terminal or chronic illness.
  3. To work with the Commonwealth and NSW State Governments to develop a sustainable funding model to run the respite care facility.
  4. To raise funds for the ongoing administration of the respite care facility.
  5. To ensure that the respite care facility is maintained as a centre of excellence.
  6. To ensure that the respite care facility is run by a well-respected and professional organisation. Residents can expect the very best care available from expertly trained, compassionate professional people who love what they do.
  7. To provide support services for families with family members resident within the facility.
  8. To provide carers with a well-earned break knowing their loved ones are being well cared for so they can re-energise and continue their responsibilities as a carer.