Facts about carer’s

Carers provide ongoing unpaid support to family members or friends who require caring because of a terminal or chronic illness. Providing respite care facilities is an important aspect of delivering integrated care that is patient-centred.

Supporting carers is the responsibility of all levels of Government and the community.

Carers play a critical role in our community by supporting family and friends. It is estimated it would cost in NSW alone over $40 billion to replace the hours of care provided each year.

According to the Carers NSW 2016 Carer Survey report the health and wellbeing or carers continues to be significantly lower than the general Australian population. Most carers not only require health services and specific supports for the person whom they care, but also for themselves.

Across NSW there are approximately 905,000 carers or 11.9% of population. Over 290,000 people are primary carers.

There are in excess of 4,500 unpaid carers in the Queanbeyan/Palerang area.