Petition for ongoing funding for Respite Care for Queanbeyan

2021 is going to be the year! The year that we get Yvonne’s dream started. We are nearly there.

We have the land! We have the funding to build it! We have the purpose to go forward! But not the final hurdle.

The ongoing funding to run the respite care facility

All we are asking is for Governments to work with us on a sustainable funding model to support the running of the respite care facility on a yearly basis.

By clicking on the link below and completing the required fields you will be saying to the NSW State Government that you want the Government to provide financial support on a yearly basis to run the respite care facility.

Remember that this respite care facility is for any persons that need respite that suffer from a chronic or terminal illness aged between 8 to 59, so we don’t have to send them to a nursing home for respite care.

Please show your support, by registering today on the link below.

Thank you.

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