Infinite Wealth Group Partners with Respite Care for QBN

We are very proud to announce that Respite Care for QBN has partnered with the Infinite Wealth Group with an amazing donation offer for our supporters of the Respite Centre in Queanbeyan.

Established in 2015, Infinite Wealth Group has established itself as one of the most experienced and reputable finance and property service providers across Canberra and Queanbeyan. With over 20 years of experience, Infinite can provide you free service and advice for a whole range of financial serviced such as Home Loans, Investment Property Advice, Asset/Car Finance, and Financial Planning

As part of the partnership, Infinite Wealth Group would be honoured to offer significant donations to the Respite Care for QBN for any clients, who mention the “Respite for QBN” when they use the services of the Infinite Wealth Group, and are successful with the approval with either a new home loan or re-financing a home loan or a car finance or take out full Wealth planning or Investment Property services.

With Interest rates at an all-time low now is the perfect opportunity to re-finance your current loan or buying a new house, and save lots of money while helping a great cause.

If you are approved for one of the above Infinite will kindly donate the following to Respite Care for QBN:

  • $600 donation for each home loan taken with Infinite Wealth group
  • $100 donation for each personal loan, car finance, asset finance taken with Infinite Wealth Group
  • $2,000 donation for our full wealth planning services/investment property services

So please contact The Infinite Wealth Group of James Huntly, Baz Jenning or Rhys McDonald on 0423 291332

Thank You Infinite Wealth Group for your Generosity.

Pictured is the Chairman of Respite care for QBN Paul Walshe welcoming Baz Jennings and James Huntly of the Infinite Wealth Group and thanking them for their support and generosity.